How to Control or Prevent Diabetes E-Book

My mother developed an unusual case of type 1 diabetes when I was a young boy. She had a very difficult time managing her illness and did not know what she should and shouldn’t be eating. Part of my mission as a doctor has been to help others avoid going through what she did, by teaching them how to make the best possible lifestyle choices. For most people, diabetes is wholly manageable through good habits—especially when it comes to food. These habits are easy to learn, as I’ll show you in this e-book through which you’ll learn:

  • The various types of diabetes
  • What causes diabetes
  • Diabetes symptoms, tests, and complications
  • How to control or prevent diabetes through healthy lifestyle solutions
  • The best diet to control or prevent diabetes
  • Why “fake sugar” is not a good way to prevent diabetes
  • Tips for weight loss and weight management
  • How Earthing can help with diabetes…and more!

You’ll also get an action plan and over 15 pages of food preparation tips and diabetes prevention recipes.  Let’s get started conquering diabetes!





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