The Fast Food Diet



Paperback, 2006; by Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James Punkre; Forward by Barry Sears, Ph.D.

This is not a book about why you should eat fast-food. It’s a practical guide for people who are currently eating fast-food every day and who may be too busy to instead eat healthier, homemade meals. Specifically, this book is designed to help fast-food consumers make healthier, calorie-saving fast-food choices so they can lose weight and feel better, without giving up the taste and convenience of fast-foods.

In addition to tips for dining guilt-free at all types of fast food restaurants, The Fast Food Diet includes:

  • A Six-Week Fast Food Diet Eating Plan that lets you choose among 150 meal selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from more than fifty of the most popular fast-food chains;
  • Tips for business travelers, holiday revelers and kids who are fast-food junkies;
  • Advice on eating well at food courts, sit-down restaurants, airports and convenience stores; and
  • Recipes for nutritious, home cooked meals you can prepare in 15 minutes or less.


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