Gut Health E-Book

Simple Ways to Improve Your Gut Health and Why It Matters

Our hearts and our guts are more closely related than most of us realize. We know this from some of the things we’ve learned about inflammation in recent years, and about how the systems in our bodies are all interconnected. When there’s trouble in one, that issue can have a ripple effect that leads to other problems. So a healthy gut helps make for a healthy heart and whole body.

Through this gut health ebook, we’ll explore:

  • Your digestive system – top to bottom
  • The “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut – how they impact your health, and how to achieve the healthiest gut bacteria balance
  • The importance of fiber and the best sources of fiber
  • The PAMM diet for gut health
  • Natural ways to cure constipation
  • Leaky gut and how to heal it
  • How to test for food allergies with an elimination diet

And more…let’s get started!


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