Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

Take three minutes to fill out this simple questionnaire I’ve developed. See where you stand against cardiovascular disease and what you can do to improve your longevity potential.

Assess Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

As a prevention-minded, integrative cardiologist, I like to look at cardiovascular health with a wide-angle lens. This means learning more about a patient than just his or her numbers from a blood test. I also want to know about a patient’s lifestyle, nutrition, and stress levels because they are critical factors in gauging his or her health.
While you are not my patient, I want you to be able to benefit from my 40 years of experience with patients. By answering the following questions, you can get a general idea of how your lifestyle habits may be affecting your health and where you may stand against cardiovascular disease. Remember, the better you can educate yourself about health, the more effectively you can “partner” with your physician in your care.
So let’s get started…

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