Martin Zucker

Senior HeartMD Institute Editor, Martin Zucker has written extensively on natural healing, fitness, and alternative medicine for more than thirty-five years. He has co-authored or ghostwritten more than a dozen books during that time, among them Earthing:The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (Basic Health Publications, 2010), and Reverse Heart Disease Now (John Wiley & Sons, 2007), both with Dr. Sinatra. From 2005 to 2012, he served as an editor for Dr. Sinatra’s Heart, Health, and Nutrition monthly newsletter.

His other books include Move Yourself (Wiley, 2008), Natural Hormone Balance for Women (Pocket Books, 2002), The Miracle of MSM (Berkley/Putnam, 1999), Preventing Arthritis (Berkley/Putnam, 2002), and The Veterinarians’™ Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs/Cats (Three Rivers Press, 2000).

Zucker has written hundreds of magazine articles on a wide variety of health topics and contributed to Smithsonian, Readers Digest, Los Angeles Times, Cook’s Magazine, Vegetarian Times, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, and The National Enquirer.

He is a former Associated Press foreign correspondent who worked in Europe and the Middle East.

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  1. Rebecca Hull

    on December 1, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    I have a problem with my house pulling in harmonics from my neighbors according to my Stetzerizer meter. I know this because the meter does not register any appliance in my home or multiples of (except for my washing machine) but does jump dramatically (5 – 6 times what it is during the day) when my neighbors come home and are using their appliances. What can I do?
    I have had multiple electricians come out and they don’t know.

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