Why High Vibrational Living Is the Key to Vitality

There’s a saying/belief that “everything old is new again.” We see it with art, fashion, design, and I personally see it play out time and again in healthcare—especially in alternative and integrative medicine.

Take, for instance, the practice of yoga. It actually goes back to ancient India, yet only became popular in the West in the mid-20th century. And still it took another 50 years for Westerners to see it as something everyone can do as part of a healthy lifestyle, not just “human pretzels” or “freaks of nature.”

So, too, with “superfoods,” which have only recently garnered mainstream attention. Some have been celebrated since ancient times for their health benefits—olives and honey by the Greeks, and chia seeds by the Aztecs.

The same thing is happening with the science of energy—more specifically, the idea that everything in the universe is made up of vibrational energy. In ancient Greece, India and China, it was the theme underlying various holistic health philosophies, some of which are still widely practiced today. Westerners started to catch on in the early 20th century, when Albert Einstein published his Nobel Prize-winning theory: E=mc2. In describing the interchangeability of mass and energy, Einstein helped bridge the gap between these ancient holistic health philosophies and our modern-day Western science.

So what does this have to do with health and medicine?

I believe that treating health and illness energetically is the future of healing, and that the practice of “vibrational medicine” will one day become the medical gold standard. Electroceuticals like Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and diagnostic tools like the MRI, for example, are great examples of how physicians are already moving in this direction. I have no doubt there will be many more in coming years.

This knowledge isn’t just for cutting-edge doctors, though. It’s also something you and everyone else out there who wants to be healthy and have a great quality of life can integrate into your daily routine. All you have to do is begin making the kind of lifestyle choices that raise your vibration.

What Is a High Vibrational Lifestyle?

As I mentioned above, everything—including you and me—vibrates with energy at a particular frequency in any given moment. The higher your natural vibrational energy is, the healthier and more resilient your body; the lower your vibrational energy, the more prone you become to illness. So a high vibrational lifestyle basically involves making choices that help raise (or maintain) your body’s natural vibrational frequency. It’s a multidimensional approach to wellness, traversing many aspects of life – physical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual.

Some of the more practical components of this philosophy will sound familiar to you—eating whole, organic foods, for example, because they’re the most pure and natural. Or recognizing how our emotions are related to the diseases we develop.

What differentiates a high vibrational lifestyle from other health philosophies is recognizing how everything in our world is interconnected—and understanding of how the energy of other people, places, and things affects us energetically.

This holistic approach resonates deeply with what I’ve learned from my patients over the years, and from my own training in bioenergetic psychotherapy, nutrition, and anti-aging medicine. It also helps explain why people are less well today than in generations past.

As our culture has become so reliant on industry and technology, we’ve inadvertently created an environment that disrupts our ability to connect with our natural human rhythms and needs. We’ve lost touch with our intuition, with each other, and to a large degree, with Mother Nature herself. These breakdowns are reflected in skyrocketing levels of anxiety, depression, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

The Science Behind High Vibrational Living

There is a science to a high vibrational lifestyle, the crux of it being electromagnetic energy. We’re all electromagnetic beings. Every single cell in the body—whether it’s in your brain or your big toe—vibrates at a microscopic frequency. There’s a natural pulsation to its activity.

Cells that are well nourished, have plenty of oxygen, and are able to get rid of their waste, will vibrate or pulsate at a speed that’s considered “healthy”; they are in equilibrium and make plenty of energy to satisfy the body’s demands. On the other hand, when cells lack nutrients or oxygen, are inundated with toxins, or are inflamed or otherwise injured, their pulsation or vibration slows down.

Why the slowdown? Energy. If cells need to repair damage caused by toxins, for example, they require additional energy. But if they also happen to lack oxygen or nutrients, like coenzyme Q10 and carnitine—which they use to make energy (ATP molecules)—then you’ve got trouble. As energy demand starts to exceed supply, cell function gets compromised. Metabolism weakens and pulsation slows down, and this makes us more prone to disease.

Healthy cells pulsate at higher vibrational frequencies than diseased cells. Using a cutting edge imaging technique, MIT researchers actually demonstrated this with red blood cells. In unhealthy cells, which were depleted of ATP, the researchers measured a 20 percent decrease in vibrational frequency, as compared to the healthy cells. They also noted that when ATP was reintroduced, cell vibration increased back to normal.

Besides being affected by toxins in your bloodstream, cell vibration can be influenced by thoughts, feelings, lack of movement, and all sorts of other factors you might not expect. For example, a sugary diet can lead to insulin resistance, a state where your cells literally wall themselves off to the insulin that’s carrying the nutrients they need to make energy. And what about the way your body feels when you’re disheartened? Low energy, shut down, unmotivated. Too much emotional stress can cause hormonal imbalance and energy blocks in the body that ultimately lead to illnesses such as depression and heart disease. Radiation from wireless technologies like cordless phones, cell phones and WiFi also can create a stress response within cells, and may actually be carcinogenic.

I know – it’s a lot to think about…

My point is, what goes on in your individual cells ultimately affects your entire body—which means you’re only as healthy and energetic as they are. And the takeaway from this is clear: You can improve your health by making lifestyle choices that help raise your vibration, rather than lower it.

How You Can Get the “Good Vibes” Going

I’ll be writing much more on the specifics of how to live in a high vibrational way, but here are a few of the core principles that I encourage people to follow:

Nourish your body with clean, whole, organic foods infused with the energy of nature

The energy of the sun, earth, rain and the ocean enhances nutritional and healing value. There’s an enormous difference between an organically grown tomato that grows and ripens under the warmth of the sun than a tomato that’s doused in pesticides, herbicides, and then ethylene gas, which forces them to turn red, ripe or not. Same with yogurt from a cow that grazed in open pastures on the food it was meant to eat, and wasn’t injected with GMO hormones that make it grow faster, or given antibiotics to prevent (not treat) disease. Steer clear, too, of sugar and processed foods, which are usually loaded with vibration-lowering additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. You can learn more about high vibrational foods below.

Energize Your Body with High Vibrational Foods

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

We are all connected. When it comes to food, quietly acknowledging the effort that went into producing your meals and the sacrifices the animals made can raise a meal’s overall vibration. Feeling gratitude for circumstances in your life that you may take for granted—like the love of your family, your friends, work you enjoy, and your home—can help lower stress and raise your vibration. A positive outlook and hopefulness also help raise your vibration.

Honor your emotions

Your emotions are your body’s truth. Even though emotions like anger, fear, hatred, grief, and jealousy lower vibration (joy, love, and peacefulness raise it), it’s the denial of them that’s dangerous. Unacknowledged emotions get stored in the body like subconscious time bombs. Experience all of them as they arise, and let them go when you’re ready. Forgiveness, too, can go a long way.

Get moving!

You were meant to move, not sit at a desk or on a couch all the time; it’s important to keep the energy flowing through your body. Regular, moderate exercise – even just 15- 20 minutes per day – helps your cells get the oxygen they need to make energy (ATP). It does wonders for your cardiovascular system, bones, joints and muscles, as well as your brain and nervous system, and is a great tool for stress relief. Just don’t overdo it; strenuous exercise can stress your body with free radicals, and actually lower your vibrational energy.

Choose the most natural and pure products you can

Toxins are everywhere in our environment, and all of them can slow cellular vibration.  As with the food you eat, you absorb the vibrational energy of products you apply to your skin or breathe in (like cleaning products). Try to go as natural as possible.

Turn off your cell phone and computer

Ever wonder why you feel irritable or jumpy if you’ve been on your phone a lot? The electromagnetic radiation emitted by our electronic devices can interfere with the natural pulsation of cells. Limit exposure as much as possible.

Get out in Nature

The Earth emits its own vibrational energy, and you can absorb it through the bottoms of your feet. So take off your shoes and socks and spend some time on the lawn. Not only will it help you heal, but you are literally reconnecting with Nature. We also need sunlight and fresh air to stay healthy, and most everyone feels better when they’re amid trees, flowers, mountains, rivers, and the ocean.

Establish and nurture vital connections

Love, more than anything, rasies our vibration. Ever notice how much energy you have when you first fall in love? Nurture the connections that mean the most to you. For unconditional love, adopt a pet.

Reconnect with your heart and intuition

Our emotions and our ability to hear “the voice within” have an enormous—and mostly unacknowledged—ability to affect our vibrational energy and health. Spend time getting back in touch with who you are and what you really want—then have the courage to move your life in that direction.

As you can see, literally every aspect of our lives affects vibration—so it’s easy to begin making changes that will improve yours. Just apply this one rule: When faced with a decision—whether it’s about what to eat, what products to buy, or even what you want to do with your spare time—choose the option that’s as pure, natural, and true to who you are as possible. If you can do that, you’ll be on your way to higher vibrational energy and better health.

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    As a Scientologist i totally agree with what you are saying. Keep sending out the news on High Vibrational living.

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