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Who We Are

Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N., C.N.S., C.B.T., is a board-certified cardiologist, certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, and certified nutrition and anti-aging specialist. Learn more…

Marchann Sinatra Blake, J.D. is an attorney who litigated for the County of Maui, Hawaii as a prosecutor prior to joining her father at HeartMD Institute as Content Director. Learn more…

Our Mission

With the understanding that knowledge empowers, our mission at HeartMD Institute is to educate patients and medical professionals alike about integrative medicine, with special focuses on metabolic cardiology and energy medicine. Additionally, HeartMD Institute aims to inspire a restructuring of the doctor/patient relationship where together, both actively participate in the patient’s healing process. The pervading philosophy at HeartMD Institute is prevention is easier than cure

We believe that our nation’s traditional “crisis and disease medicine” model which focuses upon fixing injured or diseased bodies is no longer sufficient in consideration of both increased costs and human suffering. Why is total healthcare spending in the U.S. continually on the rise yet we are becoming progressively unhealthier as a nation? Diabetes and obesity, risk factors for heart disease and many cancers, have become epidemics, even among children. Properly prescribed and administered drugs, which compromise health through nutritional deficiencies and other negative side effects, rank between the fourth and sixth leading causes of death in the U.S. Clearly, the traditional medicinal model, which treats symptoms rather than underlying causes of diseases, is failing to sustain our collective health.

Current consumer health trends demonstrate the need for an integrative medicinal model. Despite lack of insurance coverage, people are spending their own dollars on alternative treatments and products. Integrative medicine combines the best of traditional acute and life-saving interventions with alternative treatments designed to strengthen and support the body – ideally before it succumbs to illness.

Prevention of cyclic illness entails making proactive lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, supplementing with nutraceuticals, reducing stress through various mind-body techniques, engaging in regular exercise and other detoxification mechanisms, and doing just about whatever it takes to cultivate emotional health. Additionally, health-enhancement involves understanding and using vibrational, or energy, medicine, as well as employing various Eastern medicinal techniques.

Ultimately the practice of “intelligent medicine” will be different with each patient depending on his or her needs. For all of us, the first step will be to understand the interconnectedness of our thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, and physicality. Accounting for these elements, we can reshape our perceptions about, and take responsibility for, our own health and well being.

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