Understanding the Invisible Threat: 5G Health Risks

I’ve discussed the potential dangers of electromagnetic radiation before. There are documented issues linked to the electropollution caused by cell phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and other commonly used devices. And now there’s another, relatively new concern within this realm of wireless technology that has me a little on edge too—5G. Is 5G dangerous?

Cell Phone Radiation and Our Health

Cell phones and other wireless technologies like WiFi have certainly brought convenience and instant accessibility to our lives. It’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without our cell phones, much less walked or drove from point A to… Continue Reading

Cell Phone Health Risks: Part 1

Regulating Cell Phone Emissions (RF Energy) As cell phones and cell phone base stations are considered transmitters regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the FCC is the federal agency that sets radio frequency (RF) energy exposure limits… Continue Reading

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

By Devra Davis, PhD, MPH. The long awaited World Health Organization Interphone study of more than 5,000 brain tumors that occurred between 2000-2004 and cell phone use failed to deliver a knock-out punch. This thirteen country report found… Continue Reading