Types of Cholesterol

There are all sorts of pages on the Web right now that still reflect outdated, overly simplified information about cholesterol, and your doctor may also be telling you the same things. Here are the basics of cholesterol that… Continue Reading

Worried About Cholesterol?

Despite decades of public brainwashing about the dangers of cholesterol, I am amazed at how little people actually know about cholesterol…learn more about cholesterol and liberate yourself from unnecessary anxiety. The word cholesterol remains for most people synonymous… Continue Reading

Do Statins Cause Diabetes?

In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered the manufacturers of statins, the widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs, to include a warning on medication labels about the potential for raising blood sugar levels. The action took place after multiple… Continue Reading


For decades, I’ve been questioning  – contrary to popular belief – whether high cholesterol is really the number 1 risk factor for heart disease. This is because, for years, I’d see patients with heart disease who had low… Continue Reading