Re-Awaken Masterclass: 7 Natural Laws for Balance

If you have the desire to reignite your self-healing ability the way your body was divinely designed and be healthy, vibrant and happy using simple, practical, and effective FREE tools, you will LOVE this masterclass…

WHEN: May 17-19, 2022 

When Masterclass Host Caroline Angel, a holistic nutrition and integrative health practitioner, asked me to be an expert speaker, I was happy to come on board…Knowledge is power and the key to being proactive about your health.

Through this Masterclass, you’ll gain insight and discover life-enhancing information and natural self healing tools through one-on-one interviews with experts in the fields of nutrition/hydration, sleep, regenerative soil, mindset / happiness, meditation, natural healing, breathwork facilitation, EMF, laughter healing, cardiology, psychotherapy and more.

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Check out the lineup of speakers and their topics:

Day 1 ~ Protecting Body

Caroline Angel, holistic practitioner, longevity expert and your host, will outline what to expect from this masterclass.  You will learn about the 7 natural laws —the forgotten commandments that a vibrant person operates by to produce extraordinary success in wellness, happiness and productivity—and how they support ALL of your bodies; physical, mental, emotional and energetic. You’ll hear a little preview about each of the expert speakers and what to expect from each masterclass.

Rob Mack– ​​ivy-league-educated Positive Psychology Expert will open up to prepare our mind to let go of toxic mental thoughts. In order for us to un-tie ourselves from this mad mess of a sick-care system and understand how our bodies are divinely designed to be in balanced mode, we start with a body that controls our actions: mastering our mind. 

Dr. Tom Cowan, a well-known alternative medicine doctor, author and speaker with a common-sense, holistic approach to health and wellness will lay the foundation for us to understand the difference between GERM theory and the concept of bio terrain.  He will highlight the flaws in the current science and medical/wellness system and bring to light the terrain theory, a model for health that works in symbiosis with nature to promote wellness and healing. You will hear about viral theory and the relation of exosomes to our health. Learn the surprising take on what we are made of and how to avoid/minimize getting sick or out of balance.

Dr. David Shirazi ~ Sleep specialist, acupuncturist, dentist teaches us how disturbances make our body shift from parasympathetic to sympathetic causing constant levels of stress on our adrenals and cortisol and how that impacts our hormones, our growth and repair function, immune system, mood and everything in between. He’ll give you practical sleep hygiene tools including what foods to avoid to help you get the necessary sleep your body desperately needs. Find out when to eat before going to bed and what food induces sleep.

Step Sinatra, ex wall street trader who almost traded his life for money, shares the simple yet profound effects of grounding (also called earthing).  Step speaks more about the spiritual and divine connection and healing side of aligning with earth’s frequencies so that you can generate your own power and overcome physical illnesses. Step will share many practical ways to use grounding to help reduce the impact of man-made toxins including EMF and get back into our divine mental and spiritual harmonious state.

Miriam GomezMeditation Facilitator will guide us through a grounding visualization meditation connecting with the earth and our bodies to nourish our souls, have focus and get back to center. We will connect with the heart space/Spirit/Source so that we truly receive all the information that is being shared in all of the masterclasses. The technique she guides us through helps us be focused, relieve stress, fear and anxiety, and regain energy physically, emotionally and energetically. 

Day 2 ~Detoxing Body

Craig Shoemaker- The Funniest Male Stand-Up Comic – will open up the day by helping us release tension through laughter. Get ready to have some fun and lighten up your soul to be open to receiving messages for your highest good. Craig will guide us through a couple of practical and actionable laughing exercises and help us experience the power of healing properties of laughter for our physical/mental/spiritual well-being.

To help support our body to repair, and strengthen our immune system, rid of toxins that burden our bodies,  lower inflammation, balance hormones and boost energy:

Diane Kazer and Theodore Lucier, two experts who specialize in detoxing will share cheap, low- effort with high payoff ways to remove toxins safely and effectively. They will also share what surprising foods give us the most micronutrients. 

Nick Pineault ~ the EMF Guy  will discuss the difference between natural and man made EMF, and how medical doctors are seeing cases of “menopause” that are really electro-sensitivity in disguise (learn how to recognize the symptoms!). He will teach us how we can decrease our exposure to chaotic frequencies and increase our exposure to natural frequencies—practically without moving into a BlueZone region.

Yours truly – Dr. Stephen T. Sinatraboard-certified cardiologist and  bioenergetic psychotherapist, addresses the scientific aspects of grounding (aka Earthing) to help you generate your own power and overcome physical illnesses. I will explain how I have used grounding in my practice and personal life as an anti-inflammatory and pain remedy with almost instant results. I will discuss many other surprising benefits of grounding, and talk about solutions to fight off the negative effects of electromagnetic field radiation and other man-made toxins. Here’s a sneak preview:

Dr. Barre Landophysician and bioterrain specialist, will continue highlighting the flaws in the current science and medical/wellness system and bring to light the terrain theory, a model for health that works in symbiosis with nature to promote wellness and healing. You will learn what makes us sick and out of balance, and what old scripture says about what is a temple, what is the purpose of our temple and what we need to do to rebuild the temple.

Day3 ~ Nourishing Body

Mika Shoemaker ~ breathwork facilitator, demonstrates breathwork techniques to get into a balanced state -physically, mentally and spiritually. Learn to induce a spiritual connection to heart space and spirit without outside influence of psychedelic drugs, plant medicine or hallucinogenic effect. She shares techniques to reduce stress, alkalize the body, strengthen immunity, reduce pain and inflammation, aid in detoxing, lower blood pressure and improve sleep.

Professor Michel Poulain, THE researcher who identifies and validates Blue Zones, will expose a mind blowing myth about the BlueZones diet.  If you have been led to a vegan/vegetarian diet, you have most likely been influenced by this myth. Following the “wisdom” from this HUGE lie could lead to  bone degeneration, hormonal imbalances, malnutrition on a cellular and neurological level. Professor Michel shares which of the BlueZones is NOT a validated BlueZone and why it is being promoted as a Blue Zone.

Sally Fallon, President of Weston A Price Foundation, addresses how to protect ourselves from illness and toxicity and how to help nourish on a cellular level to allow our bodies to do what they are divinely designed to do and be in a balanced mode. She will discuss the flaws behind the Germ Theory and what actually causes dis-ease or imbalance, and she helps draw the connection between 5G technology and the modern epidemic of dis-ease and nutrition deficiencies. She busts many “common” expert myths of a “healthy” vegetarian/ low fat/ plant based diet. Sally shares some of the timeless principles of healthy traditional diets which echo -not surprisingly- the true diet in the identified 4 BlueZones.

Mark McAfee, a rancher who produces clean, raw milk, will talk about the benefits of raw milk and debunk the ill-informed advice against drinking raw milk. Learn about the benefits of cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins (the kind that you can only get from animal products) and anti-inflammatory properties of properly sourced raw milk. You will learn how to source safe raw milk products.

Joel Salatin ~ “lunatic farmer” and homestead,  will talk about the huge difference between nutrient dense animal products from  animals grown on regenerative soil vs toxic  products from animals grown in feedlots also called  (CAFOs) Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations? He will share what ESSENTIAL and key vitamins and benefits does our body receive from animal products that it won’t from vegetables? 

We all know the value (the Why) of good nutrition, hydration, exercise, connection to nature, sleep, movement, and energy healing.  What is missing is the What and How. As they say, the devil is in the details…

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  4. “Are Toxins the Root of Your Symptoms?” – Top 10 Toxins by Diane Kazer

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  • Booklet by Theo sharing his Four step program of take-you-by-the-hand actions you can do TODAY to guard your health against 5G including “Awesome 8“ Micronutrient to Defend Your Cells Against EMF damage
  • Sleep Hygiene Tips by sleep specialist Dr. Shirazi
  • Audio meditation for better sleep + PDF by Breathwork facilitator Mika
  • My Vibration Raising Activities e-book
  • Bonus Demonstrative “Unlocking your body’s superpower” video with Breathwork Facilitator, Mika
  • Quick and Rational Guide on 5G Radiation by Nick- the EMF Guy
  • Booklet “Breaking the Spell” by Dr. Tom Cowan
  • The Warrior Cleanse – Free module by Diane

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