Caring for Senior Pets

If you’ve raised a puppy or kitten, you know they’re a lot of work. Well worth it, but nevertheless hard! Taking care of a senior pet can be just as challenging, and for totally different reasons. In order to make their lives as comfortable as possible in their later years, you do have to make some adjustments to how you handle their care. After all, older animals have unique dietary, physical, and health care needs.

Nurturing Your Pet’s Microbiome

When you became a dog or cat owner, I bet you never thought he or she would come with a whole community of other bugs as part of the package. Fortunately, I’m not talking about fleas, ticks, or… Continue Reading

Avoid Holiday Dangers and Keep Pets Safe

Nothing puts a damper on good times quite like having to rush your dog or cat to the vet or hospital due to a holiday-related mishap. Here are some common holiday dangers for pets to keep in mind, so you can plan and decorate accordingly—and celebrate with a little less stress and worry.

Understanding Dog Body Language

Wouldn’t it be nice if dogs could speak “people language?” Our doggie friends seem to understand a few words of what we’re saying, and respond in kind with wagging tails, stares, barks, grunts, whines, and even growls. Over… Continue Reading

Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

When I was young, my parents and dentist repeatedly drilled into my head the importance of caring for my teeth and gums. Years later, I can honestly say I’m grateful for those constant reminders – and not just… Continue Reading