Detox & Toxins

Toxic Rice – Beware of this Hidden Danger

Rice is an important food staple in America and across the world, and without this inexpensive and abundant food source, millions of people would go hungry. Rice is naturally gluten-free and – depending on the type, may deliver up to 15 vitamins and minerals, including folate, manganese, and magnesium. But for all these positives, there is one downside—and unfortunately, it’s a big one. Rice is highly contaminated with arsenic…

Understanding the Invisible Threat: 5G Health Risks

I’ve discussed the potential dangers of electromagnetic radiation before. There are documented issues linked to the electropollution caused by cell phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and other commonly used devices. And now there’s another, relatively new concern within this realm of wireless technology that has me a little on edge too—5G. Is 5G dangerous?