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How to Combat Fatigue

Nearly everyone feels tired sometimes, and experiences lethargy and sleepiness after working too hard, not getting enough sleep, partying, parenting, grandparenting or some mixed bag of these circumstances. But feeling extreme exhaustion or fatigue is a more complicated… Continue Reading

How Chiropractic Can Help

The Body Beyond Low Back Pain and Whiplash Years ago as an emergency room cardiologist I frequently encountered cases of puzzling chest pain unrelated to the heart or occluded coronary arteries. There might also be shortness of breath,… Continue Reading

Q & A: Cardiac Drugs

**Q: My dad has just been prescribed Coumadin after having a pace maker implanted. I am very concerned about this drug. Does the natural nattokinase work as a blood thinner just as well or better than Coumadin? I’m totally convinced… Continue Reading