Health A-Z

COPD: Not Just a Smokers’ Disease

We frequently hear about the top two causes of death in the US—heart disease and cancer. Hardly a doctor exists that doesn’t screen for them, treat them, and encourage their prevention. But comparatively speaking, we don’t hear much… Continue Reading

Best Week Ever Starter’s Guide

Everyone wants to get healthy and slow down aging. But the big question is, “Where do I start?” Through 40+ years of clinical experience, I’ve discovered health strategies that really work, and have distilled them into 3 key… Continue Reading

Anemia and the Heart

It’s truly amazing how conditions that seemingly have nothing to do with the heart actually do impact heart health. It shows just how interconnected every single body part and system really is. Anemia is a perfect example. Anemia… Continue Reading

Nausea: Causes and Remedies

We all get it from time to time—nausea: that queasy, unsettled feeling in the stomach that usually precedes vomiting. And although no one wants to feel like they’re going to toss their cookies, nausea and vomiting play important… Continue Reading