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Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

By Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N., C.N.S., C.B.T.

Is red wine good for you? Are there health benefits of chocolate? In this video, my son, Step, and I answer these common questions and talk about the benefits of dark chocolate and red wine when consumed in moderation.

While chocolate helps relax blood vessels and release “feel good” chemicals in the brain, red wine contains resveratrol and quercetin, polyphenols which support cardiovascular health. Enjoyed together, and in moderation, red wine and chocolate can enhance any meal, especially one that is made with love.

If you’re in the mood for some dark chocolate, try this simple heart-healthy treat. Be sure to use organic strawberries, as conventionally grown strawberries generally contain high levels of a cancer-causing pesticide. Organic strawberries are more nutritious, to boot! They have been shown to contain significantly more flavonoids and higher levels of Vitamin C than conventional grown varieties. In short, choosing organic will leave a better taste in your mouth.

*Choose organic produce whenever possible*

Use a double boiler (one pan inside of another with water) to melt the chocolate. Bring the water in the bottom pan to a simmer and melt the chocolate in the top pan over medium heat. Place wax paper along the bottom of a sheet pan or other flat surface. Dip each strawberry into the melted chocolate, turning it until well-coated, and place on the wax paper surface. Refrigerate strawberries for at least 15 minutes before serving to allow the chocolate to set. Bon appétit!

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