The Great Cholesterol Myth

Heart disease is the number one killer. However, traditional heart disease protocols have gotten it all wrong. Science is showing that cholesterol and saturated fat are not a direct path to heart disease-and that the standard prescription of low-fat diets and statin drugs are contributing to a health crisis of monumental proportions.

Acclaimed authors Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., and Jonny Bowden Ph.D., C.N.S. reveal the shoddy science, manipulated research and corporate greed that has perpetuated the myth and reveal the true culprits of heart disease- including sugar (not fat), inflammation, stress, and high-carb diets full of processed foods. Based on the latest studies and clinical findings, The Great Cholesterol Myth provides a statin-free plan for preventing, managing and even reversing heart disease and staying healthy for life.

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