Reverse Heart Disease Now

Paperback, 2008; by Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. and James C. Roberts, M.D. with Martin Zucker

Drawing on their collective fifty years of clinical cardiology research, leading cardiologists Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. James Roberts show you how to combine the benefits of modern medicine, over-the-counter vitamins and supplements, and simple lifestyle changes to have a healthy heart -whether you have acute or chronic disease or just want to prevent cardiovascular disease from developing.

Focusing on crisis prevention, Reverse Heart Disease Now gives you the practical information and strategies you need to stop heart disease in its tracks. You’ll discover how:

  • You can combat heart disease before the first heart attack;
  • Your arteries can become enveloped in inflammation and plaque that lead to heart attack, stroke and heart failure -and what to do about it;
  • Medications and scientifically proven supplements, and lifestyle changes can extinguish the flames of disease and purge and stabilize arteries -even for the most compromised cases;
  • And more!

Through the breakthrough integrative program found in Reverse Heart Disease Now, you can become more involved in your own healing process and even prevent heart disease before it starts.

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