Q & A

Q & A: Cardiac Drugs

**Q: If you have diabetes managed with medication (not insulin), high blood pressure also managed with medication, take Plavix blood thinner because you had a stroke, and take Prilosec for stomach issues, is it safe to take the D-ribose… Continue Reading

HMDI Heart Health Q & A

Readers often e-mail us health related questions. Although we do not provide medical advice or consultation through HeartMD Institute, we do post general answers to inquiries with hopes of helping others who may have similar questions. Do you have… Continue Reading

Grounding Q & A

Page last updated April 13, 2023. Since grounding (as we know it today) is so new to medical science, and doctors have only recently started tapping into grounding’s potential health benefits, people all over the Internet have questions… Continue Reading

Q&A: Exercise / Physical Fitness

Q: Exactly what kind of exercise do I have to do to get my heart rate high enough for cardio-vascular benefits? Many forms of exercise have a calming effect, but is it necessary to work up a sweat to actually… Continue Reading

Q & A: Diet & Nutrition

Q: Can you provide me information on how to gain weight in a healthy manner? For some people weight gain is most desirable. In the evermore toxic environment we live in today, over time, things like electropollution, chemical… Continue Reading