Q & A

Q & A: Cardiac Drugs

**Q: My dad has just been prescribed Coumadin after having a pace maker implanted. I am very concerned about this drug. Does the natural nattokinase work as a blood thinner just as well or better than Coumadin? I’m totally convinced… Continue Reading

HMDI Heart Health Q & A

Readers often e-mail us health related questions. Although we do not provide medical advice or consultation through HeartMD Institute, we do post general answers to inquiries with hopes of helping others who may have similar questions. Do you have… Continue Reading

Grounding Q & A

Since grounding (as we know it today) is so new to medical science, and doctors have only recently started tapping into grounding’s potential health benefits, people all over the Internet have questions about grounding (a.k.a. “Earthing”). We hope… Continue Reading

Q & A: Diet & Nutrition

*Q: I have just had angioplasty. I’m worried about my arteries and am following the dietary recommendations in your newsletters. But what about shrimp and lobster? I thought they were high in cholesterol, but my brother says they are allowed on a… Continue Reading