Energy Medicine: Good Vibes and Bad Vibes Lecture

By Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N., C.N.S., C.B.T.


The essence of disease originates from nutrient depletion in the context of physical and emotional trauma and environmental and electrical toxicity. At the center of this complex is the compromised receptor site on the cellular membrane. As the cellular membrane becomes vulnerable and dysfunctional, vital nutrients such as oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and hormones are not able to enter and nourish the cell in sufficient amounts. Toxic waste is not adequately flushed out of the cell. This scenario accelerates the development of microbial enhancement. Eventually the cells become toxic, unable to regenerate and malfunction occurs.

This lecture will discuss how vibrational frequencies hold the key to optimum health. Bioenergetic-supporting nutrients as well as avoidance of toxic EMF and wireless technologies, grounding the body, FIR sauna and the utilization of very low frequency pulsed electromagnetic waves are just a few of the exciting discoveries that assist the quantum energy of the body. This is the new wisdom that will assist us in the good vibe/bad vibe technological age.


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Lecture Points

Our technological age continually serves up wired and wireless wonders to make life more convenient. I have a persistent gnawing sense that something potentially disastrous is going on.

Illnesses like multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and autism have been proliferating in recent years. The incidence of cancer is up, particularly among young people.

The standard reasons for the staggering rise in these, and other manifestations of unwellness, certainly hold true: poor diet, physical inactivity, stress, and environmental toxicity. All combine to weaken the human immune system and open the door for inflammation and microbial mayhem. But there’s another factor—largely overlooked—which I think will attract more and more attention in coming years: the knockdown effect on bodily operating systems delivered by “electropollution.” By that I mean the chaotic, unseen, and unfelt environmental electrical fields we humans are increasingly exposed to from all the electronics, appliances, and telecommunications in our lives.

The potential for these electromagnetic (EMF) fields to stoke heart rhythm abnormalities and interfere with sleep patterns is well-documented. Electro medicine is a very dynamic field, but the science is far from conclusive as yet. There’s much still unknown and a lot of debate over whether common man-made electrical fields, generated by everything from high tension wires, office and home wiring, wireless networks, and cell phone proliferation makes a significant impact on health.

Electro technology is everywhere these days and has to have some effect—major or minor—on our bodies. After all, we are highly tuned and highly sensitive bioelectrical creatures. Every process in the body is regulated by dynamic electrical currents, most obvious, of course, the pumping action of the heart and the exquisitely complex circuitry of the brain.

All beings are conglomerations of electromagnetic energy. In essence, our bodies function—for better or for worse—as dynamic electrical circuits. Cells transmit and receive energy, and each has its own range of frequency within which it operates.  Healthy cells, for instance, oscillate at higher frequencies than do unhealthy cells, such as cancer cells. James Oschman, Ph.D., a top expert and author of Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (Butterworth-Heinemann) says all “organisms (are) poised to respond to minute ‘whispers’ in the electromagnetic environment,” whether those fluctuations come from afar or near.

“The fields within the human body are inevitably affected by the larger fields of the planet and other celestial bodies,” he says. “For example, sunspots and the cycles of the moon cause changes in ionospheric currents and geophysical fields which in turn influence the fields within us.” Geomagnetic storms generated by turmoil on the sun can be so intense that they damage satellites, power lines and telephone cables as well as disrupt radio communications. It’s not surprising that these disturbances can and do affect physiology, creating cardiovascular problems and seizures.

Closer to home, man-made electromagnetic fields can have influences on our bodies as well. Perhaps the most documented influence is that of leukemia among children living near high voltage power lines. Of course, our modern array of electric devices such as hair dryers, computers, televisions, cell phones, and radios all produce a variety of signals and energy, some of which radiate directly into the tissue of nearby organisms.

Some people are more vulnerable than others to “electropollution.” Many of them are often sensitive to many different environmental substances, and have “allergies” to the 50 or 60 Hz electromagnetic fields. This means they can develop headaches, arthritic pain, insomnia, chest discomfort and arrhythmia, anxiety, and depression from exposure to transformers, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, and other appliances. Unfortunately, the connection with electropollution is rarely diagnosed and although these individuals may take medication, their symptoms rarely go away.

Electropollution has the potential to reduce heart rate variability (HRV), a term referring to the imperceptible variations in the heart’s beat-to-beat interval governed by breathing and other physiological rhythms. HRV is currently regarded both as an extremely accurate predictor of sudden death and an indicator of stress.

A few years ago, researchers in Germany suggested that signals from cell phones and microwave masts were contributing to a disturbing disappearance of honeybees, essential players in plant pollination. “Colony collapse disorder,” as it is called, was first observed in the United States but has spread to Europe. Tower signals are thought to disrupt the natural navigational bearings of bees returning to their home hives from pollen-hunting sorties. EMF interference leaves them wandering aimlessly and they die. If sensitive honeybees can be affected, why not us?

Researchers report that children, the elderly, and anyone with a lowered immune system are most at risk. One team of researchers at UCLA studied the association between prenatal and postnatal exposure to cell phones and behavioral problems in young children. They reviewed the answers to a questionnaire filled out by more than 13,000 mothers and concluded that exposure to cell phones during pregnancy (and to a lesser degree after birth) suggests a link to emotional and hyperactivity problems in young kids. “If real,” the researchers said, the associations rise to the level of public health concern given the widespread use of the technology.

Recently I read a long-term Swedish study finding that the use of cell phones for 2,000 plus hours during a lifetime could substantially increase the risk of developing a malignant cranial tumor. One summary of studies on long-term heavy users indicates a 20 percent increased risk of a tumor, and particularly on the same side of your head that you use to talk on the phone. I’ve also learned that excessive cell phone use may generate a feeling of fullness and warmth in the ears, as well as a ringing sensation like tinnitus. Such symptoms could foretell an early auditory abnormality.

How can you discharge electropollution from your body? One simple, costless way is just walking barefoot on dirt, sand, grass, and unpainted cement. The more time you can spend directly connected—flesh to earth—the better. You are literally, figuratively, and electrically grounding yourself. Try sitting and reading for 15 minutes or a half hour in your backyard, weather permitting of course, with your bare feet on the ground. When it comes to shoes, leather serves the purpose as a conductor but not rubber and plastic.

Connected to the earth, either walking or sitting, you are not only discharging  electropollution but also getting an infusion of activated electrons produced on the surface of the earth from solar radiation. The moment your foot touches the earth your physiology changes. In essence, grounding the body balances the autonomic nervous system by attenuating sympathetic overdrive.

I encourage you to take stock of your phone systems. Consider using the speakerphone feature on your phones in order to protect your head and all its vital contents. Be mindful of the exposure that kids in your family may be getting. Many a busy parent spends hundreds of cell phone minutes while in tight quarters/such as the car/with young children and so many youngsters chat idly for hours with their friends on cell phones. Researchers believe younger cell phone users may face a higher risk of developing tumors because their nervous systems are not fully developed and their skulls are not as thick as those of adults.

You might want to consider buying an electropollution detector, a device that can tell you how strong these potentially upsetting waves are, and how far they extend out from their source. You will be surprised, as I have been, at their intensity and range. I was surprised, for instance, when I checked the radiation emanating from a baby monitor. It was really high. Could the frequencies coming out of those monitors affect sleeping toddlers?

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