Suzanne Somers’ Knockout

By Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N., C.N.S., C.B.T.

In Knockout: Interviews with Doctors who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting it in the First Place, breast cancer survivor Suzanne Somers challenges the conventional medical paradigm that is the basis for cancer prevention and treatment today.

“Cancer kills and continues to kill,” Somers writes, summing up how mainstream medicine’s cancer protocol, along with cancer survival rates, has barely changed in the past 40 years. Somers begins Knockout with a deeply personal and frightening story about a 2008 ER visit during which she was diagnosed with cancer “everywhere” in her body. After three extremely traumatic days in the hospital, uncertain about whether she would likely die soon, Somers learned that she had been misdiagnosed. “What if I had taken the full-body chemotherapy as suggested?” writes Somers, “How often is this happening to innocent, trusting patients?”

This excruciating experience which “changed [Somers] forever,” provided the impetus for Knockout. Knockout provides readers options…information and resources with which to make the best possible treatment choices if afflicted with cancer. Knockout is a series of interviews with medical doctors and other alternative medicine practitioners and advocates about conventional and alternative cancer treatments. Through these interviews, Somers presents a variety of expert perceptions, facts and theories about cancer, primarily eliciting information about less- and non-toxic alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. Lifestyle aspects related to cancer etiology and prevention or remission such as diet and nutrition, supplementation, detoxification / toxicity, and emotional well being are discussed extensively, as are diagnostic tests and hormonal replacement therapies. Through my interview with Somers, I discusses the power of belief, feelings and emotional release in illness and healing, as well as the importance of compassionate medical care.

Through the information and opinions presented in Knockout, Somers empowers readers. “You can manage cancer. You don’t have to be degraded by humiliating treatments and protocols. And in some cases, you can be cured of cancer.” The comprehensive information and resources Somers provides in Knockout arms readers with alternative choices if they or loved ones face a cancer diagnosis.

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