Stress Management E-Book


Simple Tips and Strategies for Dealing with Stress

The body never lies. If you live a life filled with stress—and you can’t find a way to positively channel those emotions—those feelings will eventually show themselves in some way…as tense muscles, pain, upset stomach, headache, and all sorts of other stress symptoms. And the “dis-ease” you feel with stress can grow into actual disease, if you don’t take steps to do something about it. That’s why I put together this ebook—to help you better understand what “healthy” stress looks like, and give you tips on how to manage stress—so it’s you who is in control of your life and your health, not your worries.

In this stress management ebook, you’ll discover:

  • The effects of stress, both chronic and acute;
  • A stress test to assess your level of stress;
  • What a “normal” stress response is;
  • How to heal heartbreak (and why it’s important to do so);
  • How to balance your nervous system;
  • The importance of having high heart rate variability;
  • The 6 best (and many other) ways to manage stress; and
  • A daily guide to dealing with stress.

To a heart-happy life!


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