What Are High Vibrational Foods?

Food… it plays a huge role in our overall health and well being, fundamentally impacting how our bodies function, our quality of life, and the positive (or negative) energy that we’re made of.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard a thousand times that “you are what you eat.” Sweep the cliche of this expression aside, and you’ll find some difficult-to-ignore facts: that the substances we use to fuel our bodies can ultimately impact everything about them – from how we feel and look, to how healthy we are overall, and how well we can fight illness.

Why We Are Sick, Tired and Drug-Dependent

We are a busy society nowadays. Technology that has blast us forward into previously unimaginable realms of possibility, advancements, speed and convenience has simultaneously caused us to regress in the sect of self-care. The greatest casualty is that we oftentimes seek the fastest, easiest and cheapest options for food and other daily amenities. Fast food restaurants, large food and grocery chains, and many other quick-and-convenient dining venues often offer food of only moderate to low quality.

And just as fast as producers manufacture these foods, we consuming them, processed foods in particular, which are essentially siphoned through a production plant and packaged or substantially altered at some point. It’s all about supply and demand… and food manufacturers continue doing business as usual while we, the consumers, are in many cases getting sicker, more tired, and even more “addicted” to the foods that ail us and—as a result—we turn to manufactured drugs as solutions to the problems we now have:

And that’s just the shortlist.

Not only are we not nurturing ourselves by eating so much convenient, on-the-go food, many of the unhealthy “foods” we eat are created using practices that damage the earth and are unsustainable in the long run. In the big picture, then, what we eat affects much, much more than our own bodies.

So, the seemingly small food choices we make can deplete resources within us as well as in the world around us. Our food choices support various industries – for better or for worse. Until we make changes and redirect our choices—we will continue to be what the vast majority of us have now become: sicker, more tired and even pharmaceutical drug-dependent.

High Vibrational Foods: Just What the Doctor Ordered

I’ve seen a lot on this journey of mine… through 4 decades as a cardiologist I’ve learned a great deal from my patients – they’ve been my best teachers. Practicing “revolving door medicine” drove me to seek answers about how health is maintained, lost, regained and often lost again. I pursued an education in alternative healing and energy medicine, and gained certifications in nutrition, bioenergetic psychotherapy and anti-aging. I emerged as a physician who believes in using the best of both conventional and alternative therapies to treat patients with what works and truly promotes health. I learned that nutrition (or lack of it) plays a much larger role in our health and well being than the conventional medical world gives it credit for.

Bottom line: some foods are just much better for you than others. A lot of this, I’ve discovered, has to do with the amount of processing a food goes through before reaching your plate.

The Best Ways To Detox in a Toxic World

What Are High Vibrational Foods?

Simply put, high vibrational foods are clean, natural, pure and unadulterated foods. Healthy, in that, they are as close as possible to their natural state and were cultivated, acquired, or produced healthfully, conscientiously, or with loving, grateful intention.

Think just-picked fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, and nuts that have grown to maturity in the warm sun, in good soil that hasn’t been polluted with harmful chemicals or fertilizers and without the use of synthetic pesticides…Foods that truly nourish you without adding to your toxic load. Same with animal products like fish, chicken, beef, eggs or raw milk, cheese, or yogurt…were the animals from which these products came fed quality food and raised without hormones or antibiotics? As creatures higher up on the food chain, we’re essentially also eating what they ate. Were those animals treated humanely? Some people believe that you take on the energy of an animal when you eat it, and that what happened to that animal affects you on some level.

As I wrote in this Vervana blog on High Vibrational Foods, energy is in everything – soil, plants, water, air, humans, animals – and we, as humans, depend on it to live. It’s the kind of energy in all the little choices we make in our lives that adds up and means the difference between surviving and thriving.  Eating high vibrational foods is a major part of it, but so is breathing cleaner air, drinking healthier water, and having loving and kind interactions with others. We essentially become – on some level – what we take in or experience.

Take the Greatest Care of the Only Body You’ll Get

We can enhance, improve, strengthen, uniquely utilize, and even alter our bodies, but the simple fact is, we never get new ones. Just like cars, we have our own internal “engines” and parts that wear and tear and can even fail. In their many forms and phases, our bodies are the only ones we’ll ever inhabit, hence the need to treat them with great care.

But, as we all know, life happens and sometimes we need to take extra steps to get back to a healthier place. So we try to raise our vibrational frequency by going on a raw food detox diet. Or going for daily walks in the woods and meditating or otherwise taking deep breaths of cleansing air. Or engaging in joyful play with our children, grandchildren or pets.

Better quality of life means honoring the physical body as a lifestyle choice – adopting habits, practices, and routines that encourage wellness, and with devotion and consistency for true impact. If you commit to looking, feeling and genuinely being well, integrating exercise and medical advice where applicable or necessary, and weaving in a diet of the highest quality, most natural and clean foods – what I call high vibrational foods, you can feel self-assured that you are on the right path.

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  1. Dana Allison

    on December 2, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    The local grocery store where I shop has responded to customers’ demands for organically produced food, and continues offering a greater variety of foods to meet the demand. Having a garden is an excellent move. If more people would get off the high activity wagon, and take the time to plant their own food they will be healthier. True, some foods can not be grown in all places, but looking for the Organic label is a way of finding good things to eat. After prepared frozen foods came out I tried some, to my great disappointment. Not only did they taste the same, like paste board, but also, the portions were not as large as was needed to fill one up. Condensed soups did not work up into enough servings to feed a family, in addition to having too much salt. By making my own meals, soups included, I found that it was far more money saving than buying prepared foods, and the tastes were superior. People can say that they have too much going on to do their own food growing, or cooking much, but it falls onto my deaf ears. Many dishes can be prepared in advance, put into their freezers, or refrigerators, and can be taken out, warmed up, and served when time runs short. We did this long before prepared foods came onto the market. Time for the younger folks to learn how their older family members prepared foods in “the olden days”.

  2. Craig Detjen

    on January 5, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Keep me informed about alternative medicine . Anything non mainstream, that big pharma is against or keeping quiet about.

  3. HeartMD Editor

    on January 27, 2017 at 9:07 am

    Hi Craig,

    We post new articles regarding integrative and alternative medicine, nutrition and so much more each week. The best way to stay in touch with us and to get all our newest articles is to sign up to receive our newsletter. You can do so by filling out the box at the bottom of our home page.

    Best of health to you!

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